Big Cinemas, Chandigarh

I watched Seven Pounds yesterday, the new Will Smith movie. Though the movie was good and Will smith did a splendid job but the new Big Cinemas multiplex wasn’t much of a delight to watch a movie in. Their staff doesn’t seems to be professional at all, my friend ordered a pepsi which came without any fizz & only the sweetener and even the replacement one wasn’t any good. When we prompted the staff to exchange it with another item, they simply refused to do so. Finally, the manager jumped in & tasted the pepsi & claimed it to be fine but after talking it out with him, we were able to get a can of Diet Pepsi. After this, when the movie started, the screen though seemed comfortably big but uncomfortable seats were a downside. Infact, at a point of time, we were also able to hear the song from another movie (Delhi 6) from the adjoining Audi. Overall, I will rate my experience only as 2/5 as far as the Big Cinemas multiplex is concerned.